hackthe.earth is a webbased multiplayer hacking simulation game.

Start a career as a cyber criminal and become the best hacker on planet earth.

Fight alone or with friends in clans agains virtual and other real players.

Hack, steal and damage foreign networks, servers and computers to increase your level and raise your position on the Most Wanted list.

Earn money to buy new equipment and perform heavier attacks.


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bastiapple | 12/04/2016

Yeah, you heard right: We're going to reboot the whole project from scratch.
We worked for four months in early 2016 on the original version of hackthe.earth - and then lost our motivation and focus. In the planing part, before we started with coding, we weren't able to preview, how big this project is going to be.
Where the project was growing, the code quality was getting worse, because of the lack of structure and the chosen frameworks.
Today we released our first version of the reboot, which was created in only five days! New versions will be published here on a regular basis, so that you can follow the development and see our progress.
We're believing, that this run is going to master everything. We hope you take this journey with us!


Version: DEV.2.0.3 (01/15/2017)


+ Terminal / command line

+ Debug window

+ Fixed window resize issue

+ Increased server performance

Version: DEV.2.0.2 (12/26/2016)


+ Desktop icons

+ Animation during login


+ Editorial improvements

Version: DEV.2.0.1 (12/11/2016)


+ Database improvements


+ Completely reworked windows


+ Overview changelogs

+ Create changelog

+ Design and colors

+ Layout for error pages

Version: DEV.2.0.0 (12/04/2016)


+ New logo and colors

+ User management

+ User authentification

+ Right groups

+ Database communication

+ Public test user


+ Login screen

+ Windows

+ Taskbar

+ Logout button

+ Desktop wallpaper


+ Header and footer

+ Team

+ Register form

+ Blog

+ Changelog


+ Overview blogs

+ Create blog entries

+ Edit blog entries

+ Overview users

+ Create user